ventilator – the hotel

I woke up on a private jet that was heading to Miami.

For once, I don’t remember being tied down or being unable to move or talk, and, in this hallucination, I wasn’t still being treated for covid. I was free, but I was hallucinating a reality where some of the past events – Eunice’s death – still occurred, and because of that, I was angry.

At some point, I ended up at an upscale hotel in Miami (without any memories of going from the jet to the hotel). I was on the second floor, in a wide hallway, by a large window that was overlooking the front of the hotel, which had a circular drive that led to the front doors. Expensive cars – Ferraris and Lamborghinis – were pulling up to the front door. While I was in this hallway I ran into my cousin’s eldest daughter whom had just gotten married (she did in real life) and her new husband. Since they got married during covid, they weren’t able to have a normal wedding, but they had come to Miami to celebrate.

After I talked to them briefly, I ended up in a large room with white, rounded, couches that were set in a semi-circle in the room. The room had a number of other people in it, and they were mainly seated on the couches, with some on chairs that were in the room. It was an auction with people from the mob and drug lords. The auction was for different, expensive, cars which were brought in at one end of the room and displayed closer to how cars are on the Price is Right than anything else. Because I was angry at everyone there, since they held some responsibility for Eunice’s death, I began outbidding everyone there (I distinctly remember bidding $300,000 for one car) – and for some reason everyone in the room took me seriously (and seem to hold me with some level of esteem). At some point I turned to them, angrily, and yelled at them. I can’t remember what I said, but what I was saying was meant to shame them and make them feel their responsibility for Eunice’s death – it worked.