the ventilator – the hut

Once again, I woke up in an unfamiliar place. This time, I was in a large hut, with a thatched roof and a fan on the ceiling. The hut’s ceiling was divided into four sections. When I woke up, I was looking straight up at the ceiling. The hut was somewhere along the Amazon basin.

Instead of being on land, the hut was on the water. I was on a large platform in the middle of the hut, and there were a number of other people that were there with me. All of us were trapped. I don’t remember if the hut had walls, but there was no way to get out, since we were surrounded by water, and there were dozens of crocodiles surrounding us. Entering the water meant certain death.

All of us in the hut were placed there by someone for nefarious purposes – they wanted us trapped, and they wanted us to die. We were all there because we were part of trying to plant churches in the area; however, I was the only person that wasn’t a local. We knew that we were in a bad situation, and that we didn’t have a great chance of getting rescued or otherwise surviving.

However, unlike other hallucinations, this time I wasn’t filled with despair. I remember that I addressed everyone that was in the hut with me – we still had God with us, and Jesus didn’t abandon us. Instead of despairing, and fearing, we began singing songs to worship God.

I may have had other hallucinations when I was on the ventilator, but I can’t say that there are any more for sure – the ones that I’ve written in this entry, and the previous ones, are the ones that I have distinct memories about, and which I still remember a year later.